“The most important investment you
can make is in yourself.”

Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors of our time.


We help you grow or launch your small business

For business owners and entrepreneurs who are passionate about business success.

The focus of our business coaching is to give you the platform to make the positive changes you need to develop your skills and increase your business profits.

We offer business growth coaching to:


Small Business Owners Entrepreneurs


Successful Entrepreneur
“Thousands of people just like you have made the decision to enlist the services of a professional coach who can help with your business.”

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  • “Green Beans coaching has already improved day-to-day sales, marketing and employee relations. I highly recommend Green Bean.”

    David, GM

  • “The sessions are highly motivating and always give new perspectives.”

    Esther, Small Biz Owner

  • “Sales have increased more than 100% since working with Green Bean.”

    Thank you. Hannah, Owner

  • “E.Schmidt (CEO of Google) says every professional needs a coach. After my 1st session, I agree!” #inspiration

    Remko, Entrepreneur

  • “Green Bean has made the uncertainty of launching a new business an exciting learning experience.”

    Wayne, Entrepreneur

  • “Coaching gives me self security and teaches me to look for opportunities.”

    Rosa, Architect

  • “Green Beans offers strategic, business and financial advice in a language that is easy understand”

    Duncan, Biz Owner