“The most important investment you
can make is in yourself.”

Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors of our time.

Business Owner Coaching

“Thousands of people just like you have made the decision to look into enlisting the services of a professional who can help with business coaching.”

We help you focus on:

  1. Increasing cashflow and profits
  2. Gaining greater clarity and direction
  3. Effectively managing your time and team to reduce stress, boost productivity and improve your work–life balance

We currently offer three tailored programs to our clients:

Program 1:

Increase time productivity in the workplace.

How Does It Work?Increase Time Productivity

  • The program is 4 session´s of coaching

  • Not having a enough time affects productivity, slows growth and produces stress

  • This program focuses on the four key areas to give you more time

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Program 2:

Increase your cashflow and profits

How Does It Work? Financial Advice

  • This is a hybrid course between coaching and consulting

  • We first highlight where you can make more money or stop losing money and then we set out a plan to change things.

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One-to-one coaching

How Does It Work?One to One Business Coaching

    • One-to-one coaching programs are offered internationally over the phone or in person in Barcelona, Spain and the Midlands, UK.

    • Typically 2 hour sessions twice a month

    • We provide 24/7 coaching support outside the specific session time to help answer any questions you may have when implementing your action plan.

    • One-to-one coaching programs start from €647 plus iva a month.  We recomend a 3 month program to see concrete results and improvements.

    • As coaching value is highly linked to the coach-client relationship, if you feel coaching  is maybe what you need then contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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  • “Green Beans coaching has already improved day-to-day sales, marketing and employee relations. I highly recommend Green Bean.”

    David, GM

  • “The sessions are highly motivating and always give new perspectives.”

    Esther, Small Biz Owner

  • “Sales have increased more than 100% since working with Green Bean.”

    Thank you. Hannah, Owner

  • “E.Schmidt (CEO of Google) says every professional needs a coach. After my 1st session, I agree!” #inspiration

    Remko, Entrepreneur

  • “Green Bean has made the uncertainty of launching a new business an exciting learning experience.”

    Wayne, Entrepreneur

  • “Coaching gives me self security and teaches me to look for opportunities.”

    Rosa, Architect

  • “Green Beans offers strategic, business and financial advice in a language that is easy understand”

    Duncan, Biz Owner